We offer a full range of marketing packages, ranging from managing your brand on Social Media to developing branding strategy to event planning. Get face-time with your target customers without doing all the work. We promise you will have more fun.

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Sure, other companies will tell you all about their experience & creativity. We have all that too. Our biggest difference is that, like you, we are passionate about natural food! We want to help you turn this passion into dollars.


Red Currant Media helps food entrepreneurs in the organic space prove their passion online for wholesome, natural foods. We combine our love for social media with a commitment to changing the way our world eats.

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Is it the idea that everyone should be eating more sustainably? Or that we should be paying farmers more? That we all need to be pressuring food companies to make a better commitment to health? That more people need to understand what food justice entails? Click here to read more.

Most businesses venture into social media expecting to see a big return on investment. The hope is that new customers will come in droves, and that the benefits and revenue generation will be huge. However, this is rarely the case. It takes time to build momentum Click here to read more.

Check out some statistics that prove the Organics / Natural Foods Industry is booming! This is good news for all of us! Click here to read more.

“Kate is a wonderful guide to the world of social media. She consulted our non-profit on entering the world of Facebook, Twitter, etc. She was very patient & thoughtful. She came up with innovative ideas for expanding our web community, which were easy to implement. I highly recommend her!”

Camilla Hammer Camilla Hammer

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